2012-2013 News — 11 April 2013
Danger! Danger!

Gun on campus leads to arrest

Javier Lenida

On Friday, Feb. 22, an OHS student was arrested on suspicion of bringing a loaded handgun on campus, according to then-principal Jeff Rogers.

According to an email that Rogers sent to staff, a student had reported seeing a gun on campus during lunch time. Then a teacher reported the concern to administrators, who worked with school security to identify the student suspected of carrying the gun. After that, administrators and security reviewed security camera footage and finally they found their suspect, who was wearing a unique red sweatshirt.

According to a letter that Rogers sent to staff, “At no time did the student act in a menacing fashion and there was no indication that the student intended to use the weapon.”

Michael Carter, a school security officer (SSO), said  that guns are a real threat on campus. “They’re here,” he said, adding that, “We don’t see them a lot.”

Guns on campus  have been a problem, “Ever since there have been public schools,” said Carter.

Shoshana Towers-Cabrera, an assistant principal, said students bring guns to school for various reasons. “Some try to impress their friends and others bring it for fear,” said Towers-Cabrera.  “Students have brought weapons on the OHS campus, but others are around in the world. I’ve seen most students [who bring weapons to school] with knives.”

“We don’t have metal detectors, but we check  the student’s backpacks [when we suspect they’re carrying something illegal] ,” said Towers.

Sophomore Ashantie Foy said, she feels safe at Oakland High. She thinks students bring guns to school to “protect themselves.”

The Aegis attempted to contact the Oakland Police Department about the incident from Feb. 22, but the police did not respond to requests for an interview.

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