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It’s getting hot in here

Thermostat controls at OHS don't always work. Image credit: Sabryna Miller

Malfunctioning systems overheat classrooms

Javier Lenida

Over the last two years at Oakland High School, buildings have been having problems with the heating system, with temperatures reaching as high as 90 degrees.

Even the newly built Wong building and renovated Patterson building have had heating and cooling problems.

“I had no heat in my classroom,” said Amy Wilder, a resource teacher in the Learning Center who said Oakland High School had heating and cooling problems in the Patterson building and Wong building. “Last year the heating system was a problem.”

Other teachers had only heating problems in their classroom.

“I felt really upset because this is a new building,” said Carlos Sutton, an Economics and Government teacher, who said his classroom was unbearably hot for six days this year and last year for two weeks.

Teachers said when their classroom was too hot, they took their students outside to the Senior Court or the theater.

“It was irritating,” said junior Nikolas Hopkins, who said he was mad when his classroom was very hot. “It was more than 5 days. “

Oakland High administrators have responded all problems from teachers.

“No, last year wasn’t that bad, but this year is bad,” said Assistant Principal Anisa Rasheed.“We just keep calling OUSD buildings and grounds management,” she said, adding that the problem can take weeks to fix.

Meanwhile, teachers in the Patterson building report they are teaching with heating and cooling problems in their classroom this year. Teachers said that their heating and cooling system doesn’t seem to respond to their control panels.

“I feel like it’s okay, but its like haunted,” said Ben Siino, an English teacher, adding that the system “[tells itself] what to do, not me.” However, Siino said, “I don’t think it affects my teaching,” but it does affect the students.

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