2012-2013 Slider Sports — 21 December 2012
Soccer maniacs take the field

Oakland High soccer players Javier Valdez and Jose Rodriguez stretch during practice on Jan. 8, 2013. Image credit: Richard Regalado

Oakland High boys prepare for their season

Richard Regalado

Ready to win all the games and to blow each team out of the world, the boys’ enthusiasm was obvious as they sprinted and worked out. The Oakland High Boys’ Soccer Team started their practice on Nov. 13, 2012. 30 players tried out for the Varsity team.

But on Friday, Dec. 7, the two coaches decided which 18 players will stay in the team to represent Oakland High for OAL season against other teams. According to the coaches,  coaching will be hard since this year the team has different range of skills. There are newcomers with great talent and older players that have been at Oakland High all four years that want to play their last high school game.

According to midfielder Oscar Ruano, he will play his best this year to make great passes to his teammates so they can make goals. “I’m going to be helping the team by distributing the ball so my teammates can score and I’m going to score too,” said Ruano.

The O-High Boys’ Soccer team has great talent like Javier Valdez, our goalkeeper. When asked how many goal shots he plans to block, Valdez responded, “A lot.”

Coach and Spanish teacher Señor Jose Hernandez said, “the team has a better discipline as a team. The team needs more commitment, and as a whole the team will do ok.” Hernandez added that some of the good players can not play because of their grades. He said the eligible key players so far are Luis Inda, Javier Valdez, Oscar Hernandez, and Oscar Ruano.

The Wildcats may participate in the OAL soccer Jamboree on Jan. 8, 2013, and will play their first official game against Fremont High on Jan. 10.


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