2012-2013 News Slider — 29 November 2012
Fighting expands on campus

Assistant Principal Anisa Rasheed poses in this Aegis file photo. Image credit: Vaniece Rutherford.

Javier Lenida

Many fights have distracted students during the 2012-2013 school year at Oakland High School, according to school officials.

School security and administration are observing an unusually large number of girls fighting.

”They fight for stupid things,” said Michael Carter, a school security officer (SSO). “The girls fight over for guys and on Facebook. They get on Facebook and talk crazy.”

According to a 2011 study by Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, “8% (of teens who use social media) have gotten into a physical fight with someone else because of something that happened on a social network site.”

Carter said, “I see more fighting at Park and MacArthur. I see all girls fighting, not guys.” Carter says at the bus stops at Park and MacArthur he sees lots of girls fighting and not many guys.

Although security reports seeing all girls fighting, many boys are fighting as well.

“People are talking mess, because people are instigating and pressuring them to fight,” said sophomore Dyshawn Matthews, who added, “I get in fights with people. I would say I’ve been in 12 fights this school year.” Matthews said that after he wins a fight he feels happy.

Members of the administration brought up different reasons.

According to assistant principal Anisa  Rasheed  because of the school’s decision to end off-campus lunch, students are now starting to fight on campus more. Rasheed said, “Fights are now a problem to security, school officials, and teachers because they are witnessing their students fighting each other for many reasons. Especially girls.”

Rasheed said she is sad to see girls fighting.

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