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Theater of terrors

Jesus Medina

You’re in a dark theater, watching a hooded man with a knife creep up to a person who is unaware of what’s about to happen, and seconds later, he attacks! Since the first horror film in history, The Haunted Castle, was filmed in 1896, countless horror movies have been made. But what makes people fond of scary movies?

Studies show that people are attracted to the feeling of danger knowing there will be relief at the end, according to website ScienceDaily.com. People are attracted to the negative feelings of fear and depression knowing that there will be a positive outcome in the end. They enjoy both the negative and the positive feelings.

“I like scary movies,” said senior Josefina Raymundo. “I like that they keep me in suspense and make me think about what’s coming next.

Recent movies that have set the tone for new scary movies are Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and The Women in Black. All of these movies involve spirits, demons, and the occult practice.

When asked why people like scary movies, Psychology teacher Amy Dellefield responded, “I never really thought about that.” She added, “I myself don’t really like scary movies. They give me the creeps.”

Classic movies such as Friday the 13th, The Exorcist, and A Nightmare on Elm Street are being rebooted and made into modern movies.

“I think the original movies are way better then the new ones,” said Erick Leon, a senior from Berkeley High.“Nothing new is ever better than the original so these movies are weak. Some aren’t that bad, but no way [are] they better then the old ones.”

Though nothing can replace those timeless classics, these new movies do a good job at filling a small part of that void.

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