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Sun and surf

Stinson Beach.Image Credit:http://brucefong.wordpress.com;Bruce Fong

Three great beaches await you this summer

Kitwana Nwagwu

Summertime is just around the corner! The weather is warming up and school is wrapping up. When was the last time you went to the beach? Being in the Bay Area offers a great selection of beaches that families, friends, or just people riding solo can enjoy.

Robert Crown Memorial State Beach is a great beach. On a hot day it is a great place to hang out with friends and catch some waves. The water is warm and shallow and there are a lot of changing areas on the west side of the beach. Be warned there are no lifeguards at this beach, so it is wise to stay out the water if you don’t know how to swim.

According to Bay Area teens, the most popular beach in the East Bay is Robert Crown Memorial State Beach also known as Alameda Beach. The official name is Robert Crown Memorial State Beach. Alameda Beach is not the best beach in the world, but it does what a beach is supposed to do: it has warm sand and shallow water. It is rumored that Alameda Beach is dirty and people shouldn’t swim in the water; however, I slightly disagree with this accusation.

Non-profit environmental group Heal The Bay’s 2011 annual beach report stated that Alameda Beach is indeed safe to swim in and got a rating of 84% for water quality and health risk along with other beaches around the area. But the beach can get trashy and people do not pick up after their dogs. There is a lot of trash under the sand, which makes walking on it uncomfortable.

Even though this beach has its problems, it is a good getaway for beachgoers on a hot day. I would recommend everyone  to go to this beach as long as they don’t mind shenanigans from teens, because this beach is a hot spot for teens and can get a little wild on a busy day.

Another popular beach is Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Many reviews say this is one of the best beaches in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has the ideal values people look for in a beach. I have to disagree with this statement; on a recent visit, the beach was too cold and windy, even though the rest of San Francisco was 80 degrees or warmer.

Even though the views are great and the waves are big, planning a family outing to Ocean Beach will result in disappointment, temperature-wise. Still, Ocean Beach can be a great beach for surfers, couples, walking on the beach, dog walks, and midnight strolls.

Farther away, Stinson Beach, in my eyes, is the best beach in the Bay Area. The waves are a good size for surfers and safe enough for kids. The beach is clean and very relaxing. The weather is just what you would expect of a beach on a hot day. It’s not too windy or cold, and the sand is comfortable. This beach is great for everyone and has many other attractions around the area in case people want to part take in other activities.

Stinson Beach has many great aspects people look for in a ideal beach. On hot days, the weather is always nice, it’s calm and relaxing but not to boring. However, this beach has some flaws: sometimes it can get a little windy, and some people complain about the winding, swervy road you have to take to get there.

Wherever you choose to go this summer, consider taking a day or two to lie in the sand and enjoy the weather.There are many local beaches in the Bay Area that are easy to get to and have much to offer. Some are better than others, but they all have one thing in common: whatever the occasion, it’s easy to have a blast at a day on the beach.

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