2011-2012 Student Life — 04 June 2012
Senior prom brings sweet escape

Treasure Island makes a magical destination

By Thanh Nguyen & Linda Saechao

Senior class officers and the leadership class held the OHS Senior Prom of 2012: The Sweet Escape for this year’s seniors at the Treasure Island Event Venue on the night of Saturday, May 19.

OHS senior prom participants dance on the dance floor. 5/19/12 Image Credit: Le Thuy Hang Dang

The Treasure Island Event Venue, on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay, opened its doors to students at 7:30 p.m. The OHS students who volunteered as hosts and hostesses greeted and cheered for the attendees upon entry. Inside the lobby, security guards checked that students were not bringing in prohibited items, officials collected senior prom tickets, and guests voted for their prom royalty. Aside from the lobby, the venue contained a coat room, a bar with a lounge, and a dining room with a dance floor.

ABC Portraits, the picture company, took and sold prom pictures for the formal attire event. Students had been able to make early appointments online. The doors of the venue closed at 8:30 p.m. to prevent students from exiting and reentering. After a buffet-style dinner, the dances commenced and the prom royalty was announced. At the end of the event, people were given customized cup souvenirs and prom invitations and asked to leave.

“Prom was great!” said history teacher Barbara Cone, who chaperoned the event. “The gowns were gorgeous [and the] boys’ vests were colorful. Everybody looked wonderful!”

Oakland High’s prom king was Sean Tran, with queen Vanaka Din. The rest of the royal court included prince Danny Phan, princess Lily Chan, duke Joel Regalado, duchess Diane Kim, lord Kevin Nguyen, and Lady Jordan Handy.

Overall, the OHS senior prom was what students expected, despite the venue not having enough food for everyone to eat twice.
However, this was not the case at Skyline High School’s prom on Saturday, April 21, where the school’s administration strictly prohibited inappropriate dancing and threatened to shut down the prom event after many students defied their demands to stop such behavior, according to a Skyline Oracle article. The students felt that the DJ continually played bad songs to favor the administration. According to the article, the administration tried to punish the defying students by having a “timeout” room, which students called the “twerk-jail.” In the end, many students were disappointed in the Skyline’s administration’s actions on their prom night.

“I expected prom to be like prom,” said senior Rikey Chen.

Many attendees experienced bad traffic upon arriving to the venue.

“The traffic was horrible!” said Chen.

However, Cone enjoyed having the event on Treasure Island.

“The venue was terrific [and] great,” said Cone. “It was very nice [and had] lots of room. It made you feel like you were at a private club.”

Students also liked having their prom on Treasure Island.

“[The Treasure Island venue] was a good place,” said Chen. “The rooms were fairly big  [and] the outside had the perfect scenery to take pictures.”

This year’s OHS juniors of 2013 were unable to hold a junior prom like the seniors of 2012 last year due to lack of funds, according to junior Kimberly Cobos.

“I feel really bad because I wanted a prom,” said Cobos. “I feel kind of poor because of the other class, they had a prom and we don’t.”

Some juniors felt unaffected and didn’t look forward to a junior prom.

“I don’t feel anything at all,” said junior Tim Nguyen. “That’s (the seniors of 2012’s) junior prom, not ours.”

Leadership teacher Amy Dellefield was not enthusiastic about the future of OHS junior proms.

“I don’t expect to have a (junior) prom next year,” said Dellefield. “Or the year after that.”

Cone thanked the Leadership class for their hard work on this year’s senior prom.

“I had a great time!” said Cone. “It was fun [and] Leadership did a very good job!”

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