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Farewell, Principal Romero!

Alicia Romero takes her leave

By Tommy Tran

Oakland High School’s principal Alicia Romero is retiring this year to pursue other interests.

Romero has served as OHS principal for 3 years now and has become an important member of the community.  She has also worked for the Oakland Unified School District for 12 years.

“I’m happy for [Romero] and she has great plans for retirement,” said assistant principal Shoshana Towers.  “But [I’m] really sad at the same time, because it will be a big loss for the school.”

According to Romero, her reason for retiring is so that she will have time to think, read, and write. She also wants to spend more time with her family, and thinks that it’s time to leave and let someone else watch over Oakland High.

Romero commented that it was a pleasure to see students doing well in school and graduating, which is a symbol for hard work and completing a part of their life. She also enjoys spending time with teachers in special development meetings to make the school a “wonderful place,” and visiting classes.

Some of the challenges that Romero faced as principal of OHS were the construction at Oakland High, budget cuts, reduced resources, and criticism from some students.

Senior and ASB President Chris Snellings said that he is “kinda sad [about Romero’s retirement]” but that he understands her desire to move on. “[There was] a lot of pressure on her for being the principal.”

Romero will be missed by many people at OHS. English teacher Jessica Forbes said that Romero’s legacy will include a sense orderliness and organization, a vision of making the school into communities like the ninth-grade families, and a deep concern for the students’ well-being.

“I think this school owes the people who came before [us] to do [our] best,” said Romero. “Everyone should do their best–teachers, teachers’ aides, secretaries, custodians, and security–because they work very hard here keeping this school’s spirit.”

Principal Alicia Romero poses in front of the school in February 2012. Image credit: Yvonne Tran.

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