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Back in blue and white

Class of 2012 sets itself apart with a fresh look for graduation

Guadalupe Hernandez

Oakland High school colors, blue and white, will be the cap and gown colors for the 2012 commencement ceremony.

“Some seniors who thought it would be a good idea to change the cap and gown colors approached me,” said senior class president Nicole Saechao. “Since it is our duty to listen and advocate for their opinions, we took it into consideration.”

A vote in the Government/Econ classes determined that the majority of the seniors wanted to change from the traditional blue for all; this year, most girls will wear white and boys will wear blue.

“I think it was a good idea,” said senior Aareon White. “Our class is doing something new and different which will separate us from all the previous years.”

“In my time here, I can’t recall there ever being any other cap and gown colors besides all blue,” said teacher Ben Siino, who has worked at OHS for seven years. “If that’s what the class wants, then I think that’s pretty cool.”

Although many were pleased by the change to colors distinct to each gender, some have questioned whether this decision is unfair.

“Because blue is the dominant color for this school and guys are wearing blue, I think it is sexist,” said senior class vice president Erika Huang. “Girls are powerless in this case because their gowns were automatically switched to white without them knowing.”

However, others disagree. “I don’t think it’s sexist,” said senior Myesha McNeal. “I mean, the girls can choose, so it’s no big deal.”

Girls were given the opportunity to change their gowns to blue for religious reasons. However, some may not have learned until too late.

“Not a lot of girls knew about (the change), so hopefully they won’t be disappointed when they receive their white gowns,” said Saechao.

Gowns will be distributed on June 12, the day of the graduation rehearsal. The commencement ceremony will take place at Oakland’s Paramount theater at 3 p.m. on June 13.



The ESA class of 2011 poses in their all-blue gowns after graduation. This year’s class will wear blue and white. Image credit: Estefany Garcia/Special to The Aegis.

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