2011-2012 Student Life — 10 May 2012

Free bus passes for youth?

Edith Ponce

In April 2012, Public Health Academy students met up with AC Transit and collaborated with them to make positive changes to student transportation options.

AC Transit plans to take the students’ advice to make bus passes free for youth starting in November. AC Transit had already been working on this plan for a long time; now with the help of our students in Oakland High School, they are progressing to make changes to the bus pass policies.

The Public Health Academy students are studying the effects of humans on the environment in order to lessen pollution from too many cars being on the road.

This is the first year of PHA. There are 63 sophomores involved in the program this year, and many freshmen have applied to join for next year, according to PHA Health teacher Karen Seals.

“I like to help students realize that they could make positive changes in the community,’’ said Seals.

This year, PHA students have also learned other ways to help create a healthy environment, including learning life-saving skills such as CPR and safe first aid through the American Red Cross.

PHA is working to make a change. “They assist the community and try to make better,‘’ said PHA sophomore Isaiah Bolanos.

What makes the Public Health Academy different from the school in general is that it goes into the real world to learn and to volunteer. PHA is one of Oakland High’s three academies; the other two are the Visual Arts Academy Magnet Program (VAAMP) and Environmental Science Academy (ESA).

PHA enjoyed working with AC Transit. ‘’It takes you to your destination,’’ said PHA sophomore Jose Lopez.

Students felt that PHA is on the right track with its involvement in healthy transportation. “It assists people and assists the community to improve,” said Bolanos.

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