2011-2012 Slider Sports — 24 May 2012
Batter up!

Softballers take OALs

Adonte Matthews and Jesus Medina

Second baseman Jordan Handy slides into home plate. Image Credit: OHS Yearbook.

This year, the Oakland High girls’ softball team won the Oakland Athletic League (OAL) softball championship. The Wildcats beat Fremont in a hard fought 7-5 victory on May 8.

Oakland High has been plagued with losing seasons. Since 2006, they have won only 10 games, but this year they have surpassed that number in one season.

“It was time for a change, and I definitely think that it was a change for the better,” said junior catcher Julia Saravia. “I hope we can keep it going into next year.”

The OAL season consists of 15 games including the championship game. The Oakland High team won 14 of those games and only lost 1.

“The key to winning is to always play hard and don’t give up,” said Saravia. “It’s great to see we can all get along and work as a team.”

This year, Saravia has made it through the year even with  injuries from playing softball.

“It’s a game; things happen,” said Saravia. “You gotta keep playing. The game doesn’t stop for you.”

2012 Oakland High Wildcats softball team. Image credit: OHS Yearbook.

This year, Oakland High had many new players who have never even played softball, but through dedication and hard work they got better. This year, Oakland High’s team included only seven seniors: Jordan Handy, Princess Goodloe, Sabrina Ochoa, Mey Saefong, Chelsey Reynolds, Jennifer Duong, and Shay Broomfield.

One of the star players this year was Ochoa, who was one of the Wildcats’ best pitchers.

Handy, another valuable player for the team, said, ” The thrill of (playing) is amazing; the experience you get is priceless.” Handy, who is in her last year of playing for the Wildcats, said she plans to play in college if she has the option.

Handy, who played second base this year, was the first hitter to hit in every game. Her speed in running down the line was incredible. Handy had a record of 17 stolen bases this year, which placed her 8th in the OAL in stolen bases.

“I hope the team can keep doing good. I look forward to going to some more games to see them win,” said junior Devonte Jones. “The only problem is (when) they don’t play at home. If they did, it would be easier for me to go.”

The past couple of seasons, the Wildcats have had problems with players being loyal to the team. Players would lose eligibility or would quit after a while.

”I’m finally glad to see that our team can have some commitment,” said Jones.

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  1. “Oakland High has been plagued with losing seasons.” That is not correct. Who wrote this piece?

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