2011-2012 Commentary — 19 April 2012

A new OHS student reflects on the transition

Gerald Stroud III

Being the new kid on campus is hard for anyone. You have to conform to new people and new ways of being taught, which sometimes causes anxiety.

The school I came from, Pittsburg Senior High, has a great campus, athletic programs, and tutors: things to urge you to succeed.

As a new student at Oakland High School, I have been forced  to adjust to the new bell schedule, teachers, and students. However, so far it has been great.

Oakland High School is a great school. It just isn’t  as financially supported as Pittsburg, but as OHS football coach Jayce Goree said, ”We get it done with what we have.”

You would think that Pittsburg would be a high-rated school, but O-High has a 4 star rating, and an API growth rate of 652, according to greatschools.org’s national ratings.

Although Pittsburg has a test API rating of 687, it has a 3 star score on the ratings website. People might get the impression that because it’s a very suburban area, Pittsburg would have a great review and API. However, it’s actually not a big gap between the schools.

Steven Wortham, an OHS junior who also transferred from “Pitt” said, ”Oakland High is a great school, it just needs a few more committed students. Also, community support.”

People are forced to move because of economic reasons, or because a parent or guardian found a new job. Other young adults, such as myself, move because they are having  family problems and are going back and forth from parent to parent.

When that happens, kids are forced to adjust to a whole new lifestyle. What parents don’t realize is that dropping a school and getting No Mark scores on report cards can affect a student’s grades. Then the student may have no summer vacation because of failing grades. In my opinion, students should stay in the same school rather than transfer and have to start over.

However, if you ever have to transfer school, here are some things you should know: on the first day, don’t be late, try to find one friend, and try not to be the outcast.

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