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Movie Review: This Means War

Chris Pine and Tom Hardy in This Means War. Image Credit: screenrant.com.

Kitwana Nwagwu

The movie This Means War  is about two CIA agents, FDR Foster (Chris Pine) and Tuck (Tom Hardy), fighting over a woman they both claim to love.

Lauren (Reese Witherspoon) didn’t know who to pick so she decided to try dating both men at the same time to see who she would end up liking more. However, little did she know the two guys she is dating are best friends.

I really enjoyed this movie because the actors were great, and they had a lot of experience with big-name movies in the past. The director (Joseph McGinty Nichol) also made this movie realistic; this situation can actually happen to normal people. This movie is also great because the viewer will never lose interest.

When you think you want one character to win the love of Lauren, the other character does something really awesome that makes you root for the other team. This makes Lauren’s decision much harder because FDR and Tuck seem like the two most perfect men, but they do have some flaws.

While both FDR and Tuck eavesdrop on Lauren and her friend Trish (Chelsea Handler), the men overhear a conversation about themselves. In the conversation Lauren and Trish talk about how FDR only cares about himself and he is selfish, while on the other hand Tuck is too careful and kind. After both agents hear about their flaws, they set out to prove these accusations wrong.

FDR is first to prove that he is a better man and takes Lauren to adopt a puppy, since she says he only cares about himself. As the puppies came across the screen, you hear a long “awww” from the audience, and then a burst of laughter when the puppy starts attacking FDR while Lauren has her back turned. FDR struggles to calm the animal before Lauren turns back around.

When it seems that FDR has the upper hand, from this nice gesture at the pet store, Tuck takes Lauren to a paintball match where he destroys little kids using his epic CIA skills and special equipment (like paintball grenades) to show Lauren that he isn’t “too careful” as Lauren mentioned the night before. All Lauren could do was stand in awe at his super soldier display.

This is a great, fun, funny and romantic movie. The pace never lets up and the laughs keep coming. This movie attracts both males and females and is also a great movie for couples.
This movie came out on February 14, and received a 6.6 (which is around a D+) rating at www.imdb.com, but I will give this a movie a rating of A- because it was simply fantastic. I suggest everyone to watch the movie to see who Lauren picks.

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