Tongue-tied A Thousand Words disappoints
A Thousand Words

The movie A Thousand Words centers around a successful man that has to learns how valuable words are. Image Credit:

Deijah Palmer

Eddie Murphy stars as Jack McCall in a Paramount movie, A Thousand Words, which premiered on March 9. Jack McCall is a literary agent who stretches the truth on more than one occasion.

Once again, Jack exaggerates the truth in his attempts sign with an international guru, Sinja (Cliff Curtis), and get Sinja’s book, which McCall has never read, published.

As a result of his insincere use of words, a big tree springs up in his backyard, a tree which McCall is connected to. With every word that McCall speaks, another leaf falls off of the tree, and if all the leaves fall off he dies. He only has a thousand words left and he has to learn that there are consequences to every word that we speak. His profession and his marriage began to become affected by his sudden loss of words.

Sounds like it could be an awesome movie, doesn’t it? But this movie wasn’t up to Eddie Murphy’s standards. I enjoyed the movie, but I was disappointed in the end because of the predictable points and the lack of “spunk” Eddie Murphy usually brings with his movies.

”When Eddie Murphy was at the top of his career he could do no wrong; now on the downhill side of fame he can do no right,” said movie critic Jackie K. Cooper.

Eddie Murphy’s performance was satisfactory, but this movie wasn’t even close to his best. I believe that any other young inexperienced actor  could have pulled this performance off, and would have possibly even been awarded a GRAMMY for his performance.

This movie wasn’t Murphy’s only bad film. In fact, by comparison, the movie did a lot better than the flops Meet Dave (2008) and Imagine That (2009). But before his dry spell, he did have better movies such as Nutty Professor (1996), Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000) and Norbit (2007).

    Contrary to many online reviews, I thought that the movie had a lot of funny moments, and a lot of them included McCall’s assistant Aaron (Clark Duke). Overall I would give this movie a D because I thought this movie could have been a lot better.

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