News Student Life — 16 March 2012

Violence breaks out in Tam Nguyen’s room

Tommy Tran

On February 28, two freshmen students of Oakland High School got into a brawl, which caused one of them to end up in the hospital.

The incident happened in room 317 during sixth period. English teacher Tam Nguyen was not present that day, but substitute teacher Doug Cover was in charge of the class. According to Cover, the two boys were arguing in his class and he couldn’t tell if they were just playing around. According to the school staff, it is unknown what the boys were fighting about; due to confidentiality, the two boys’ names cannot be given out to the public.

“One of the boys was standing up and he took off his jacket to challenge the other boy who was sitting down in his desk,” said Cover. “Then they started punching, grappling, shoving, and pushing desks around.” Cover added that they ignored his responses to stop and he couldn’t go near them because he would have put himself in danger.

Cover said that one of the boys head-locked the other one and slammed his head to the edge of a desk, then to the ground, which knocked the boy out cold. Cover asked students to get help, which caused assistant principal Anisa Rasheed to rush to the class. “The boy was out cold for two to three minutes,” said Cover. He also said there was blood in the classroom, which came from a cut from the injured student.

Two police cars, a fire truck, and an ambulance rushed to the school. The ambulance left the school with the injured student by 3:30 p.m.

Rasheed commented that disciplinary actions have been taken against the two male freshmen students. She also said that the boy who was sent to the hospital was all right and could return to school after his disciplinary actions are over.

There was also another fight that happened after the day of the fight in room 317, but it ended quickly and was outside of the school. Rasheed said no school policies have changed due to these incidents.

There have been many dangerous fights in this school, but this fight did not cause a school lock-down.

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