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Men’s Fashion

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Kailah Johnson-Bryant

Winter season is finally here! The Oakland Aegis is here to keep you warm and cozy while also being fashionable. This article is counter part to our girls fashion article because boys need to be fashionable too.

      This season keep your piggies warm by thinking big! Anything high top is fashionable and reasonable. But we all know you can’t go wrong with Jordan’s. the new Jordan Concords were released in December 2011 and they are all the rage.

Aside from the classic blue jeans that will never get old such as Levi’s. Cargo’s are worn all year around.This form of shorts are fashionable and convenient due to multiple pockets. You never have to worry about losing anything ever again.

      Also, its all about ambition this season because college sweaters are “in” to be more specific. It’s just a simple crew neck with the name or logo of your favorite college team or even the college you intend on attending. This is also great to have in case it gets cold. If it gets too hot, all you have to do is take it off.
Lets face it! Certain things will never get old! Flannel shirts have been rocked since the early nineties.  No matter what look you’re attempting, be it a cool skater or if you just want to be fashionable while working out doors, flannels are just for you! Another great advantage is all the fashionable patterns and colors you can get!
Well there you have it boys, this is the Oakland Aegis’ guide on how to stay fashionable and swagged out this season!

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