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Lunar New Year celebration at OHS

Tommy Tran

Oakland High will celebrate the new year with a Lunar New Year Dinner in February, hosted by the Cantonese club.

Every year Oakland High has a Lunar New Year dinner to celebrate the Chinese New Year season. (Chinese New Year is often referred to as Lunar New Year because the Chinese calendar is based on the sun and the moon.)  However, since the retired Cantonese teacher and sponsor has left Oakland High, it was unknown if the tradition will go on since he was a major contributor.

In an interview with the Cantonese club president senior Andrew Kwan said that there will be a Lunar New Year dinner this year. Kwan commented that the Cantonese club is still planning on the celebration. “Tickets will probably cost $5 – 7,” said Kwan, adding that the dinner will probably be from 5  to 8 p.m.

The Cantonese club are also interested in getting choir and other musical performances to perform at the dinner. Choir teacher Jon Ulrich has expressed interest in leading a choir performance at the event as long as someone from the Cantonese Club gets into contact with him.

Cantonese club treasurer Angelina Li said that, “We expect about 100 to 200 people to come to the Lunar New Year dinner.” Li also said, “There will be fried rice, chow mein, (and) sweet and sour pork.”

So if you have any free time on February, then come have some fun at the Lunar New Year Dinner and experience this aspect of Asian culture.

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