2011-2012 Slider Sports — 15 December 2011
Oakland Raiders’ improvement makes citizens proud

Oakland Raiders defeat the Chicago Bears 25-20 on Sunday November 27, 2011 Image credit to: Raiders.com

 [Guadalupe Hernandez & Jesus Medina]

Oakland citizens take pride in their neighborhood and in their sports teams. Oakland Raider fans, in particular, are always full of team spirit. This year they are very pleased with the season.

The team’s past seasons were nothing to brag about. Last season, the Raiders had 8 wins altogether. Now they are tied for first place in their division.

Senior Gabriel De Leon says ”They’re way better then any of the past eight seasons.”

The Oakland Raiders’ winning streak has given Oakland fans pride in their team. Many people living in Oakland have in past called them a “weak team” and felt shame in having a home team that constantly lost. Now that the Raiders are defeating teams that defeated them last year. The Houston Texans, which beat them last year 31-24, lost to the Raiders 25-20 this year.

Lots of people are praising the Raiders; even non-fans give them respect. “They are an all right team now,” said Justin Li, a senior, who does not generally consider himself a fan. “They’re actually doing pretty good”.

During the past few years, even some Oakland Raider fans have been disappointed in their team and rarely went to their games to show support. Raider games were also known to get violent when people were not content with the scores. This August, the game between the Raiders and the San Francisco Forty-Niiners resulted in a shooting of two men, and the brutal beating of a third man.

Whether the Raiders make it all the way this year or not, fans in the future will look back and say this was a pretty good season and most of all one to be proud of.

Junior Eric Franco said, ‘The Raiders are hella good this year, bruh!”

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(1) Reader Comment

  1. Good article by Ms. Hernandez and Mr. Medina.

    As a Oakland Raider season ticket holder, I have seen a major change with how the team is performing on the football field, and how the organization is selling out home games on a consistent basis. It’s great that Oakland fans are gaining the confidence back. And I guess great that non-Raider fan are jumping the bandwagon.

    Go Raiders!

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