2011-2012 Student Life — 01 December 2011

College applications due at end of December

Thanh Nguyen

Universities of California opened their application filing period for students planning to attend beginning in fall of 2012 on Nov. 1, 2011.

Students who wish to attend a UC in the fall of 2012 will have to submit an application by November 30. All the UCs accept online applications through their website, universityofcalifornia.edu. Students only need to fill out one application submission, then may choose to send it to all the UCs they wish, according to the website. Students will be required to submit their personal information, A-G courses and grades, and a personal statement.

Oakland High French teacher Catherine Darwish advised that when writing personal statements, “You need to write honestly about yourself and be confident!”

Although other universities, like the California State University system, do not require it, all the University of California campuses require a personal statement. According to the UC website, “Your personal statement should be exactly that — personal. This is your opportunity to tell us about yourself — your hopes, ambitions, life experiences, inspirations. Find your individual voice and express it honestly.”  All applicants are required to respond to two essay prompts: a general prompt and either the freshman or transfer prompt, depending on your status. The personal statement should contain no more than 1000 words, with a minimum of 250 words for each prompt.

On College Immersion Day the First Lady Michelle Obama advised students about going to college. “Work your butts off,” Obama said, according to the Washington Post. “Don’t let fear guide you.” She also told students to make sure that they apply, think about how many student loans they can realistically handle, take ownership of their college search, and to push themselves to venture away from home.

UC Davis graduate and EBAYC mentor Jamie Kwong advises students, “Don’t procrastinate! Have a teacher help you proofread. Submit [applications] early and before the deadline!”

According to the UC Davis website, the domestic filing fee to apply to each University of California campus is $70; for international applicants, the filing fee is $80 per campus. Students with low income families may apply for fee waivers to apply to up to four campuses for no cost. Many students have already started on their application process and encourage others to start as soon as possible.

“It’s better to get applications done as soon as possible,” senior Amy Wong suggests. “Once it’s done, you’ll feel relieved.”

Kwong says that students should make sure the schools they’re applying to have the majors they want. Some students express concern about the UCs.

“UCs are uncertain,” senior Lai Chao said. “It’s very competitive. There’s higher requirements.”

UCs didn’t always have the option for online applications. Darwish stated that the internet wasn’t around during her time. She was required to fill everything out by hand in only blue or black ink and then mail it off while hoping for the best.

“[UC Applications] are very tedious,” Chao complained. “They ask you about so much information!”

To apply to University of California, visit universityofcalifornia.edu.

To apply to California State University, visit csumentor.edu

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