2011-2012 Arts Student Life — 22 December 2011

Lei Fisiiahi & Linda Saechao

Lights! Camera! ACTION! Young actors make their way across the stage with a new persona acting out scenarios of the teen life. While the actors act out each scene, the vocals behind the curtains soar as students sing with all their hearts. As they sing with their might and act with their talent about teens’ tragic times in school and in life, they display a life full of conflict, vocals, and drama. Singers sing their hearts out, a hopeless teenager feels lost in life, girls fight over boys, and a two-faced boyfriend is just another phase in the messed-up life of a teenage kid.

Oakland High School held the Glee Club’s first showcase in the school auditorium on Friday, Dec. 5. Students were excited and joyful for their first showcase.

The school’s Drama Club combined with Glee Club for the showcase, titled Be-You-Tiful. Students in the Drama and the Glee Club prepared for months. As the days drew near to the performance, the nerves become more intense.

Microphone problems during the show made it even harder for the actors and vocalists to perform their songs or plays.

“When I was on stage, I felt really nervous,” said senior Fotu Pulu, a Glee member. “This was my first showcase and I felt the nerves piling on me. The static from the microphones didn’t help either.”

Judging from the laughter and whoops of the audience in response to their performance, the Drama Club really hit it off. The Drama Club actors showed the audience that teenage life isn’t all fun and dandy; in fact, it’s full of confusion, love, stress and drama.

“I thought the plays were awesome,” said Oakland High School junior Tom Tran. “It was the best part. Both funny and quite sad. Mostly funny. I just wish that the microphones were working!”

Although the Glee performances weren’t as wonderful and as organized as some people would expect, students, family, and friends still encouraged the performers through their whoops and catcalls.

“They were be-you-tiful,” said backstage personnel Lanell Hunt, Oakland High junior. “I just wish that the microphones weren’t so bad. I couldn’t understand them half the time.”

Completely happy with the outcome of the performances, performers sought support from their close friends and family during the intermission. Yells, laughter, and joyful smiles filled the crowd as students’ eyes glistened at their sweet success.

Despite the last-minute organizing, audience members still had a blast with the outcome of the show and most supported the performers from the beginning to the end.

“I was surprised I didn’t hear booing,” said Tran, noting that some audience members made pained faces during the songs. “I give [the performers] props for going on stage and singing.”

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