2011-2012 — 30 November 2011

Breanna Fuller


Oakland High School teachers and students are excited to be around and working with Ms. Thuhong Tran. She works as an Instructional Assistant in the Learning Center in Patterson Hall.

Tran has worked at Oakland High School for 31 years; she also graduated from Oakland High School.

A lot of staff and students know Tran as a very kind hearted person to students and staff. She is also a very giving person, she loves to give students treats and snacks. As of this year, Tran is selling noodles in the Learning Center. Students who work with Tran say she is a lovable woman.

“Tran is a surrogate mother to many students here at Oakland High School,” said English teacher Ben Siino. “She provides nutrition and guidance to many students.“

Other teachers here at Oakland High School feel Tran has a great personality.

“Oakland High School would not be Oakland High School without Tran,” added teacher Grey McIntosh. “She’s a staple in the learning center and provides students with food, advice, friendship, and emotional support. Tran is a mother to many and our school is certainly enhanced significantly by her contributions.”

Student and staff also agree that Tran has a great relationship with staff and students.

Learning Center teacher Payton Carter has known Tran for many years.

“In the 13 years that I’ve worked with her, I’ve always appreciated her warm personality with students and staff alike,” said Carter. “In the classroom she uses ‘tough love’ with the kids. She’s not afraid to tell them when they are messing up, but even when she does, they know she’s doing it because she loves them, and they love her right back. She creates a safe space for kids. Wherever she works, whether in Mr. Park’s classroom or the Learning Center, there are plants, pictures, noodles, tea, and lots of smiling faces.”

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