2011-2012 Photo Essay Slider Student Life — 03 November 2011
A spirited homecoming week
Aegis Staff

Over the course of Homecoming Week, Oakland High students are dressing up according to the days theme to earn class points. Starting on Monday 31st as Halloween, leaning towards Tuesday as Toga Day, brightening up Wednesday as Girls in Pearls and Guys in ties, breezing through Thursday as Class theme day where each class will dress for a different time period (Freshmen will be the Stone age, Sophomores will be the Wild Wild West, Juniors will be the Medieval Renaissance, leaving the Seniors to dress as the Future), leaving Friday with the class colors. Freshmen are purple, Sophomores are orange, Juniors are green, and Seniors are Blue.

Every class will go out to the School field for Homecoming RALLY, starting off with the National Anthem leading

to the class floats by those who participated in creating the floats, and leaving the end of the school day with announcing the Homecoming King and Queen, Prince and Princess, Duke and Duchess, and Lord and Lady, ending Spirit Week with Homecoming game against Skyline on Saturday. Here are some photos of the week:

Monday : Halloween

A student in her Halloween costume, 10/31/11. Image Credit: Thanh Nguyen

Sister Nun and The Gorrilla

Students at Oakland High dress for Halloween, 10/31/11. Image Credit: Thanh Nguyen

A student in his Halloween costume, 10/31/11. Image Credit: Thanh Nguyen

Tuesday: Toga Day

Toga Day

Students in togas gather around teacher Amy Dellefield as they compete for class points, 11/1/11. Image Credit: Tommy Tran

Toga Day

Students gather together to hear the winner of Toga days festivities. 11/1/11 Image Credit: Tommy Tran


Wednesday : Girls in Pearls Guys in Ties

Students in class dress for the day's theme of elegance, 11/2/11. Image Credit: Tommy Tran

Students dressed for Wednesday's Girls in Pearls, Guys in Ties theme day, 11/2/11. Image Credit: Tommy Tran

Thursday: Class Theme



Friday: Class Colors & Rally


Seniors of Oakland High sit in the bleachers showing pride for their class by wearing the color assigned to them, blue, yelling "SENIORS! SENIORS!" 11/4/11 Image Credit: Lourdes Ochoa, special to the Aegis.


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