2011-2012 — 30 November 2011

Tommy Tran

With the renovation of the Oakland High’s new buildings and basketball courts also came a new entrance.

For several years, Oakland High had been entering school grounds from the poolside entrance. However, that is no longer an option. The poolside entrance is now closed and all students are required to enter from the four new gates, a little further west on MacArthur Boulevard from the pool entrance.

This has caused controversy with returning students who were used to entering the school from the poolside, which some found more flexible.

“I liked the old entrance better,” said senior Nancy Hernandez. “[There was] more space and you could walk around the people who were in the way! Also the staff tell us that we cannot walk through the cars, so why do they make us enter through there? It makes no sense to me. The new one should just be for staff only.”

From the old poolside entrance, students could enter the London building from three different doors, or walk down into the Senior Court, which leads to the Wong and Patterson buildings, or the cafeteria level of the London building. The new renovated entrance gives students fewer options as they can only enter into the London building.

Junior Edwin Manzano said, “I kind of like the new entrance, but I think all the gates should be opened so that it won’t be so crowded.”

Many students showed frustration about having to walk further to enter or exit the school.

“I think it’s a waste of time going around when there’s an exit right there,” said junior Julia Saravia. “They should at least explain to us why we can’t use the gate that’s blocked.”

Henry Todd, Oakland High’s head of security, acknowledged that the single entrance posses a challenge for students and security. However he said the old gate cannot be used because “we don’t have anybody to monitor that gate and there are other bigger priorities. It is too crowded but it is easier to manage.”

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