2011-2012 Student Life — 03 October 2011

Arnold Thach

Oakland High School students have been littering at school every day after lunch.
Students have been littering around school in the cafeteria, senior court, basketball courts, and hallways. Trash cans are everywhere, yet there are still piles and piles of trash on the tables and floors.
“When students litter it’s like a chain reaction [with] more and more trash,” said Amy Ma, sophomore. “It’s even worse than a dirty room. Even though people don’t live here school is like our second home.”
Students and staff said that litter that students leave behind shows visitors how much we, as students, care about our school. When visitors come to our school and see all the trash everywhere at lunch time, they said, this gives our school a bad reputation.
Students are saying that there is just too much litter at this school after lunch time and throughout the whole day. You may not see it, but it is there blowing in the wind, being kicked around, and sticking in the corners. Many people walk past it and ignore it.
“Students are just too lazy to bring their trash to the trash can,” said junior DaeSean McNeal“Almost everyone is noticing that students are getting lazier.”
Some students said that the trash situation will not change because there will always be those kids that are too lazy to throw away their own trash.
“People should learn how to clean up after themselves,” said junior Timmy Him. “It is a good habit to have. We can also help the environment instead of being filthy.”I

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