2011-2012 — 26 September 2011

Oakland High School sports teams have been gearing up for the upcoming 2011-2012 season since the end of the previous school year in hopes of leading the Oakland Athletic League (OAL) this season.

After the school year came to an end, Oakland High teams were still in full swing. From the football team to tennis players, athletes of all kinds continued working out and playing in organized leagues to improve on their game. Students around the school couldn’t be more supportive.

“I expect Oakland High School teams to give it their all,” said Michael Melson, senior. “I know our teams will try their best and come with their game and stay on top.”

    Sports are an American pastime. They bring many different groups and cultures together to play and compete. While Oakland High is working out to get better, so is every other school in the Bay Area, including our rivals.
Over the summer, across the Bay Area, various camps, leagues and sports-related events were held for athletes. From tournaments to jamborees, Oakland High student athletes have been competing with other top teams to improve their skills and earn bragging rights.

“We’ve been in the gym working out a few days a week and we went on our annual trips to Dougherty Valley and Lake Tahoe,” said the basketball assistant varsity coach William Lew. “Players have stepped up and we have been in the weight room, but participation wasn’t what we expected.”

Despite participation, he seemed very please with how well the team did over the summer. Seeing as the basketball team is the current OAL Champion, and eight players graduated this past June, this young team has a lot to live up to.

“This season is going to be tough,” said junior guard Ocie Williams. “But we haven’t stopped working on our game and we don’t plan to any time soon.”

This year will be very exciting. Anticipation is building and the season is imminent. The Wildcats football team has already gone to battle, falling short to Millenium High School, 33-14.  Oakland High can’t wait to defend their titles and stay on top.

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