News — 08 June 2011
Bottled Water Scam

For decades, we have been buying and drinking bottled water. Little did we know that tap water is actually healthier and cheaper than bottled water. Many students at Oakland High are unaware that they could be drinking healthier, cleaner water for almost free.

“I drink tap water,” said junior Joycelyn Linh. “They serve it all the time at some restaurants.”

According to, over 90% of the cost of producing a bottle of water comes from the bottle, lid, and the label. Water bottle companies are very deceptive; the cost of a bottle of water can be 10,000 times more than the cost of the same amount of regular tap water. Many bottled-water drinkers don’t realize that 40% of all bottled water is taken from municipal water sources, also known as tap water. These people often think that bottled water is cleaner.

“I wouldn’t drink tap water,” said junior Nathan Ung. “The water isn’t filtered.”

Some students at Oakland High believe that the water isn’t clean; little do that they know that most tap water contains healthy minerals and is even safer for us to drink than most bottled water. According to, 22% of tested bottled water brands contain chemical contaminants at levels above state laws, which tap water does not.  Most students at Oakland High are unaware of this and continue to buy bottled water because of mistaken assumptions.

“I prefer to drink bottled water,” said sophomore Frank Alfaro. “Bottled water seems cleaner.”

Oakland High’s class of 2013 has begun to sell reusable water bottles. This could be the first step in students helping save the environment by no longer buying bottled water.

“We should all buy reusable water bottles” said junior ESA student Kent Ho, “It’s good because it saves plastic and fossil fuels.”

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