2010-2011 Sports — 13 May 2011
What a drag!

Team tradition slows swimmers down

Guest Writer
On April 13, 2011, members of the Oakland High Catfish swim team gathered around their pool nervous for an unusual practice for the OAL finals. Why were these students struck with anxiety all of a sudden? Was it because they were going to a lecture?
No, April 13 was “Drag Day.”
About five years ago, swim team coach Clare Burger started this tradition during which students have to swim with their clothes on! Burger decided to call the event “Drag Day” because of the way clothes were dragging people in the pool.
Burger believes that this helps students to bulk up and swim faster.
“I’m going to be ready for the OAL finals when it comes,” said sophomore Eva Xu, who is on the Varsity swim team. “I’m surprised that my muscles are sore. It seemed like a normal workout, but I got really tired.”
Students said swimming in clothes was fun and difficult at the same time. They liked the new and exciting idea of swimming in clothes, but figured out just how challenging it is to swim in them.
“Swimming in my clothes yesterday was really hard,” said sophomore Holly Liu, who joined the team a year ago. “It’s still pretty fun, because we get to see who can swim the fastest in their clothes.”
This exciting painful tradition will continue to happen every year in order to prepare students for the OAL finals.
Reactions from the students in the swim team varied. Students were happy for the workout, even though some feared being sore.
“It was totally worth it!” said Xu.

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