2010-2011 News — 13 May 2011

Buildings to be named after alumni

Lisa Lac

Oakland High buildings are getting new names! Wonder what they’ll be called? We’ll all learn soon, when Leadership announces the results of the May 12 name contest election.
In the election, students chose their favorite candidate from a list of five accomplished OHS alumni. The candidates were activist Nellie Wong, professor Louise Thompson Patterson, architect Julia Morgan, former governor George Pardee, and writer Jack London.
“I think it’s a great idea (to name the buildings),” said History and Leadership teacher Amy Dellefield, who has worked at Oakland High for 11 years. “We have great alumni of Oakland High, and we should honor them.”
In April, a judging committee of faculty and alumni awarded $500 prizes to each of the three best persuasive essays. The first essay winner was senior Ada Saechao, second was senior Shayna Truong, and third was senior Joanna Lu. Junior Lanaya Lewis, senior Wendy Huynh, and senior Tuyen Nguyen won honorable mentions for their essays.
Lu, who wrote her essay about Pardee, said, “I like George Pardee and Julia Morgan. But people might choose Jack London because of Jack London Square in Oakland, but he didn’t even graduate from Oakland High! It wouldn’t really be naming the building after a [graduate] if he was chosen.”
The building names are important to faculty as well as to students.
School librarian Iantha Cooper said that the buildings should be named after women because the sports fields on campus are named after men. She felt that women should be recognized for the contributions they have made to the school.
The school eagerly awaits the new names.
“The students have [the] power!” said Lu. “So stay tuned!”

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