2010-2011 Sports — 13 May 2011

Eric Phung
Guest Writer

At Oakland High School, sports have been an important part of the educational experience for students along the years, because it gives them opportunities to develop their own talents and discover their passions.
Currently, Oakland High offers a wide variety of sports ranging from wrestling to volleyball. These different sports allow students to experiment and try new things. Sports offer students exercise that they would not normally have, allowing them to live healthier.
The list of sports offered at Oakland High goes on and on: swimming, badminton, basketball, softball, track and field, and much more. All these sports let different students find exactly what they like, enriching their high school experience.
“Do I think sports are important? Well of course I do!” said sophomore Lily Dinh, an experienced volleyball player. “Sports are essential in keeping my life balanced and relieving stress. Through sports, I’ve met many friends, and learned many valuable life skills.”
Although sports are widely appreciated and taken advantage of in Oakland schools, with all the budget cuts that have been taking place within California the past few years, many sports are at risk of being eliminated, including swimming at Oakland High. Students are outraged by the possibility of fewer sports at Oakland High.
Sports prove to be a vital part of most students’ lives. To some people, sports provide a purpose. To others, they allow for a release of stress and frustration. Sports represent fun and happiness, which is why they’re an essential part of high school.
“I love running,” said freshman Tyven Truong, a participant in the track and field team. “Nothing relaxes my mind like the feel of the cool wind against my body as I simply run and leave everything behind me in a trail of dust and glory.”
Many students, like Truong, believe that sports have a lot to offer.
Sophomore Heather Bach, another member of the track and field team, added, “When I run, it relieves me of my stress and sets my mind free from the troubles I face in my daily routine.”
Sports at Oakland High have been around for many years, and I hope they stay for many years to come. The sports at Oakland High give the students a sense of pride and community in their shared Wildcat identities. Hopefully, sports will continue to thrive at Oakland High and give future students a chance to experience the unmatched pride of a Wildcat!
“I love sports! Without sports, I’d simply stay home all day playing League of Legends,” said sophomore Louis Lam. “Sports saved my life!”

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