2010-2011 Student Life — 13 May 2011

History teacher plans to study overseas

Tommy Tran

AP World History teacher Gordon Danning is leaving Oakland High School for one year to study in London, England .
He is going to attend the London School of Economics and Political Science. Danning stated that he is trying to get a masters degree in comparative politics. He also stated that he will be studying terrorism and civil war.
“I don’t know if I’m coming back [to Oakland High],” said Danning. “I do have the right to go back to the district, but not [necessarily] the school.”
Principal Alicia Romero said that she doesn’t know if the school will offer AP World History next year, as class offerings depend on the budget.
Students spoke appreciatively about Mr. Danning, as a funny, strict, and sometimes scary teacher.
Sophomore Veronica Tsang said that, “[Danning] is laid back and a questioning person.”
“He’s a fun and serious teacher that puts us through rigorous work,” said sophomore Davis Le. “Kind of sad that he’s leaving because I want him for Econ,” Le added, referring to the grade 12 Economics class.
Danning, a former department head, has left a clear mark on Oakland High.
“We will miss him, but it’s good for him to go to London to learn more,” said History teacher and department chair Steven Moreno. “Danning does a lot for the department.”

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  1. He’s actually teaching part time in Brooklyn, NY now. I am a sophomore and have him for AP World History. Can you please give me some advice to do better or maybe some essays to learn from?

    thanks so much!

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