2010-2011 Student Life — 13 May 2011

David Chor

Students walking past TC-2 at lunch Thursday, April 28 were greeted by the tantalizing aroma of roasting hot dogs and nachos.
The East Bay Asian Youth Center (EBAYC) was hosting an event where students could get free hot dogs and nachos if they completed a quick survey about their accomplishments over the school year and also their goals for the end of the school year. The survey only lasted a couple of minutes and after that, students could get the roasted hot dogs.
Students are wondering why EBAYC wasted money on hot dogs and gave them out to students for free, making no money out of the event. Well, it’s not about money. “Today’s event was to build community at Oakland High while getting students to think also of things they’ve accomplished and goals for the next six weeks,” said EBAYC counselor Anna Yang.
EBAYC has hosted events since February, and has hosted an event each month since.
Each month’s event has a theme; February’s event was all about students’ opinions. The event was about doing a survey about what they’re going to do in the future and their plans for on going to college. In March, EBAYC’s event was about appreciating the women in students’ lives.
EBAYC hosted another event on May 11. The event was after school and was called Futurama; it was a resource fair where people set up stands and helped students find work and volunteer positions for over the summer. They had applications for summer jobs, summer activities, and also free food.
“Look out because we are looking to have a congratulatory kick-off event on the very last day of school,” said Yang.

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