2010-2011 News — 01 April 2011

Incapacitated by virulent “springtime sickness”, senior class lies down, takes a nap
By Mindy Nguyen

Incapacitated senior Leonard Williams says the disease is “no joke.” Credit: Aegis Staff

Once again, Oakland High has been struck by the major outbreak of a disease that seems to appear at this time every year. Many high school students have heard of the wide-spread disease among the senior students, with its telltale symptoms that include fogginess of the brain and weakened bones that cause the seniors to drag their feet along the hallways.

These seniors have caught “Senioritis.” Most caught it during the middle of the school year, but some contracted the disease even earlier.

“It’s an epidemic,” said Jessica Chiu, senior. “It started in Junior year, around the second semester, after spring break. I’ve been feeling like I don’t want to do anything anymore.”

Chiu explained that having Senioritis causes a student to just want high school to be over with.

“They know they’re going to be out of here so they start not caring about it,” said Jessica Kong, senior.

Many seniors developed this thought as the disease has caused them to suffer. This disease causes the seniors’ brains to malfunction and induces their brains’ synapses to rebel against teachers’ instructions.

Senior Stephanie Noy said, “I have [Senioritis] right now and I’m failing.”

Although most Oakland High seniors agree that Senioritis caused them to put off work and end up getting bad grades, there are also students who believe that these seniors are just procrastinating.

“It depends on the person,” said Donna Nguyen, a senior who is not convinced that Senioritis is a  real disease. “I feel like people slack off because it’s senior year and classes are easier on them but they still need to maintain their grade.”

Nguyen described Senioritis as “procrastination, laziness, and carelessness”.
Teachers have mixed feelings about this disease. Some believe it’s a petty excuse seniors use to cover up the fact that they didn’t do their work at all. Some are more open to its existence.

“Yes, there is such a thing as ‘Senioritis,’” said Stephen Bronson, art teacher. “But it must be overcome and one must be focused on getting their highest level of grades and making that big push to get into college.”

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