2010-2011 News — 01 April 2011

By Tommy Tran

Oakland High held an award assembly on Saint Patrick’s Day, Mar. 17.

Principal Alicia Romero and the counselors planned the assembly to honor students with 3.0 or higher grade point averages (GPAs). Students who were eligible were given certificates for their achievements.

“There are so many great students here that work hard and do well in their academics and scholarship,” said Romero. Romero also stated that the counselors gave her a list of those who were eligible for the awards.

However some students couldn’t make it to the assembly, because they didn’t get passes, didn’t know about it, or refused to miss class. Romero stated that next time she would make sure that everyone who was eligible would get their passes.

Counselor Carlos Padilla said that each student has three different GPAs. The list that the counselors gave to Romero was based on students’ straight unweighted GPAs for the prior marking period.

Padilla also stated that there were many freshmen and seniors at the assembly, but the sophomores and juniors had a low attendance. He noted that “students who didn’t attend can get their certificates at the counselors’ office. Some certificates have been picked up and delivered to teachers so they can hand it over to the students.”

Still, those involved felt that the assembly was a success.

“Overall the assembly was good”, commented Padilla.

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