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Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday sells big, but her persona falls short
By Gerquetta Jackson

Most teenagers say the hottest female rapper out right now is Nicki Minaj. A rare musician, she is a talented rapper and singer, and does both on her current album, Pink Friday.

Born Onika Maraj on Dec. 8, 1984, Minaj is from Southside Jamaica, Queens, New York. She was raised by a single mother. Nicki Minaj graduated from LaGuardia High School in Manhattan where she studied acting. She started off singing background vocals for local rappers, working her way up.

She was originally signed by Dirty Money but was soon discovered by rapper Lil Wayne. In Aug. 2009, Minaj officially signed with Lil Wayne’s record label, Young Money, after negotiating an end to her contract with Dirty Money.

Minaj’s first album after  being signed to Young Money was Pink Friday, which debuted Nov. 19, 2010. It made it to the top of the Billboard 200 charts, and was fourth on the charts as of Feb. 17, 2011. She sold 47,000 copies just this week!

Many students felt that Nicki Minaj is a fantastic rapper and deserves her fame and fortune.

“I think her album should [still] be higher on the Billboard charts,” said Shannon Voong, sophomore.

Meanwhile other students felt that Nicki Minaj is an amazing performer but her image is “fake” or  Barbie-like.

“I don’t like looking at her, but I like her music,” said sophomore Edward Henderson.
Overall, I give the album a C  because  even though her music is good, I wish she could use less profanity and present herself differently.

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