2010-2011 Commentary — 22 February 2011

Staff Editorial

Shorter passing periods are hurting OHS students’ attendance. It wasn’t a good idea to make the change.

Ever since the change to five-minute passing periods in the beginning of the second semester on Jan. 31, many students who travel from the main building to the new building have not been able to make it to class on time.

We are outraged that students are expected to be on time in under five minutes now when they weren’t even making it on time in seven. We feel like the school needs to change back. At least then, we will be back to normal with fewer tardies.

Students cannot do things they need to do between classes, such as go to the bathroom or their lockers. Some programs, like VAAMP, even give students detention for being late to a VAAMP class twice in one week. Because of this, some students choose to skip their VAAMP classes rather than being late.

It also hurts students because they don’t have time to check in with teachers before or after class. Also, many teachers are in the habit of holding students hostage after class to explain a little bit more or to finish a lesson. Back when we had seven-minute passing periods, students would still have enough time to hurry to their next class, but not anymore.

When students who aren’t normally late begin to arrive tardy, the school should take notice. Students! Complain to every single teacher. Then they will talk to Ms. Romero about this issue that we’re having.

Or write a letter to Leadership. Tell them to take initiative and talk to the school board on our behalf. We deserve time so that we can be prepared students for our educations.

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