2010-2011 News — 22 February 2011

Hey seniors! Don’t you feel you have a lot to pay out of your own pockets this year? Do you feel this is another stress in your life? Of course all of us do!

According to a list handed out at senior meeting, senior costs can add up to $3,000 or more.  There’s a lot you have to pay for, like your senior portraits, SAT/ACT fees, college application fees, Homecoming week clothes and spirit items, senior hoodies, yearbooks, class rings, senior prom tickets and clothes, and graduation cap and gown.

“I feel good about spending a lot of money during senior year,” said Oakland High class of 2008 alumna De’misha Barker. “I felt I deserved it.”

Seniors may feel the price is worth it, but others may take it as too much to spend. These costs can leave you with less lunch money for school if you have to save up and help pay for your special costs all year.

“Having to pay that much is worth it because it’s your last year, and its something you should enjoy,” said senior Tamika Hodges. “This is a once-in a-lifetime thing.”

Although you do have a high budget to pay out of your own pockets, you should think outside the picture and think about all the fun and enjoyment you’ll have with your high school friends.

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  1. To the editors of the Aegis. Taken from the pages of your own newspaper back in 1971, “The High Cost of Being a Senior”. “This year the average Senior will have to spend in his senior year, $150 before he finally receives his graduation diploma.”

    A leap from $150 to $3,000 over 40 years. Thought you’d get a kick out of that bit of trivia. Some inflation. We’re working on our 40 year reunion for April 16th . Go wildcats !

    Maybe you could share with me your detail list of costs. I’ve got the full article if you’re interested.

    Martha Peck, Class of ’71

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