2010-2011 News — 18 January 2011

By: Tommy Tran

Oakland High has been invaded by pests that are swarming through the school like a plague.
Many teachers and students have seen ants and mice popping up around the campus like a game of whack-a-mole.
“I saw rodents at the front gate at night time,” said campus security officer Sam Banker. Social studies teacher Ruben Rodriguez has spotted a mouse in his portable, TC8. English teacher Lara Trale, who taught in TC8 last year, also recalled seeing mice in that classroom.
There was a large presence of ants in the new building during the beginning of the school year, but many of the teachers have it under control now.
Some teachers think that food had attracted ants. Science teacher James McGrath stated, “Students should not eat in class.”

Other teachers think the weather drives the pests indoors. Science teacher Malia Lehman said, “They come out when it’s too hot or too cold.”

Senior student Khadijah Byrd offered a strategy for discouraging the insects. “You can mix vinegar and water,” said Byrd. “Wiping it on certain areas will prevent ants from coming into the classrooms.”

Some of the portables have also been invaded by bugs. “I just killed an ant in Mr. Visnick’s class,” said substitute teacher Vince Morgante.

Many of the teachers have stated that these pests have not bothered or affected their classrooms. However, these pests have damaged Oakland High’s image.

“I feel that the school is disgusting and unsanitary,” said junior Dan Nguyen.

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