2010-2011 Sports — 02 November 2010

By Lisa Lac & Alvin Vuong

Early recruitment from the end of the last school year led to an unprecedented number of more than 50 girls trying out for Oakland High’s girls’ volleyball team.

The number of students who tried out for the girls’ varsity team was reduced to 27 selected. Coach Amy Dellefield said she was thrilled to have a record-breaking 50 students trying out for the team turn out at tryouts. She had not seen similar levels of interest since 2004, when 44 boys tried out for the volleyball team that she coached as well.

“It was difficult to pick the players for the team because so many have never played, and we only had three weeks of practice,” said Coach Dellefield. “I had to look for players who were fast learners and athletic.”

The girls’ volleyball practice started on the first day of school. It was difficult for the volleyball team to practice with the high amount of players.

“I find it annoying that there were so many girls in the small gym playing with a small amount of volleyballs,” said senior Khanh Tu, playing volleyball for her second year.

On October 12, the girls’ volleyball teams had their first game against the Oakland Tech Bulldogs. The varsity team lost 11-25, 6-25, 8-25. The JV team lost 14-25 and 18-25.

Coach Dellefield said “This game was what I expected it to be.” She said around 75% of the volleyball team are beginners. Because of this new inexperienced team, Dellefield thinks it will take a while before the team starts to dominate the courts.

“It’s a brand new team,” said captain Cao, senior. “Only Khanh and I were on Varsity last year.”

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