2010-2011 Sports — 04 November 2010

By KJanay Brown

The members of Oakland High’s Wildcat football team are only slightly proud of their success in practices and games so far this year. However, Oakland High’ s students are proud to be Wildcats and believe in the football team.

“I believe the football players need all the support they can get,” said senior Rachel Fisiiahi. “[They need to] start believing in themselves for making an effort to score.”

Even though the Wildcats are lacking at some games, people still are proud and willing to have Wildcat pride.

“I am proud of the team because through thick and thin no player has given up,” said junior Emery Lowe.

Hearing and noticing that no player has given up encourages other students in sports to keep going. Students are proud that the Wildcat football team sticks with it even during difficult times.

Senior football player Shmarie Pharr, said, “We go out and play hard every day.”

Oakland High students show pride in their other teams as well. Students see the hard work that student athletes do on the court and in the field.

“I am most proud of the basketball team,” said senior Deja McMorris. “They are good and serious on the court.”

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