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2010-2011 Commentary — 04 November 2010

By Steven Phan

Oakland High students are outraged about the food served by the cafeteria. The line is long, they say, and the food and is not worth the price.

Every day at lunch time the lunch room gets overly crowded. There are way too many students in the lunch line at one time. Even though some kids go off campus for lunch the majority still stay and prefer to eat in the cafeteria. We have a new building, and soon to be a remodeled building; we could use a new cafeteria, Oakland High will get more crowded and crowded for the years to come.

“The lunch room is too small,” said junior Warren Hoang. “But the food has been getting better over the years, but I am still hungry!”

Oakland High has begun to serve a healthier variety of foods over the years but still has lots of room for improvement involving the lunchroom size.

“The Oakland High lunch serving room is too small,” said junior Danny Phan.

The Oakland High lunch serving room sometimes has hundreds of kids overcrowding at one time. There have to be better ways to control this traffic so all the students can go in and out smoothly.

Some students argue that the price for the food isn’t worth it. Even though 70% of students qualify for free or reduced-price lunches, the remaining 30% still have to pay full price and that isn’t right. If they can’t pay, they won’t eat.

“The lunch that Oakland High serves is not worth the $3 that you pay,” said junior Sean Tran. “It does not filll you up. Students work hard in the classroom and should be rewarded with free lunch.”

The students that do have money tend to spend their money elsewhere because the food that Oakland High serves is not satisfying.

“I hate the Oakland High lunch,” said junior Jacky Ngay. “I’d rather eat my money than eat the Oakland High school lunch.”

Oakland High needs to make a big decision. They could fix this issue just by giving out better and healthier foods. They have been making small steps forward over the years, but they need to make this a priority.

The food can do lot of things. If there were better foods, the students wouldn’t go off campus.  This would lead to fewer tardies and cuts and make Oakland High an even better school.

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  1. Dear Editor,

    I read with great interest the November 4th article in the Oakland Aegis entitled Lunch is Junk. We at OUSD Nutrition Services work hard to continually improve our program and we strive to provide nutritious and delicious meals to satisfied customers each and every school day, period. As such, we have implemented many positive changes in recent years, including increased vegetarian options, the addition of “Meatless Mondays” and the traveling “BBQ on the Quad” program.

    We value your feedback about Nutrition Services and the food served throughout the district. Although we are gratified to hear positive comments (“the food has been getting better over the years…”), negative sentiments are taken to heart as well (“I hate the Oakland High lunch…”).

    What would be even more useful, however, would be suggestions for improvement; the more specific the better. Are there foods that you wish you could buy on campus? Let us know. Have an idea how we could give you more bang for your three bucks? Don’t be shy, tell us. You’re our customers and we want to hear from you.

    Jennifer LeBarre
    Director, Oakland Unified School District Nutrition Services

  2. Hi Ms. LeBarre, thank you for your response on”Lunch is Junk” article, we at the Oakland Aegis appreciate it very much. I have quoted some of your comments in a revised version of the article that will be published on the next issue of Oakland Teen Times.

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  4. Lunch is Junk
    She resigns. I cook with less than $3 to fill up my

  5. Pay the nutrition staffs too high.
    cut pay. Reduce. Spend more for food.

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