2010-2011 Sports — 27 October 2010

By Mindy Nguyen

Dominique Taplin. Photo by Mindy Nguyen

Known to be athletic, Dominique Taplin is always on top of his game, both athletically and academically.

“Dominique is an extremely gifted student,” English teacher, Jennifer Howard said. “He is not only dedicated to his studies but he is also a focused athlete. He shows what it means to be motivated both on and off the court.”

Howard have known Taplin for the past three years, he’s currently the Peer Tutor for her freshmen class. She describes Taplin as someone who always pushes himself to do better, always being on top of his school work to make sure he doesn’t fall behind. Although Taplin works hard on his school work, he also knows how to enjoy the time he spends with the people around him.

“He always has a huge smile on his face and will bring laughter to any situation. He has a caring spirit and is respectful of those who aim to help him, I look forward to seeing what this year and the future hold for him!” Howard added.

Taplin said that his proudest moment regarding his academic accomplishments was getting a 3.8 GPA.

“The main struggles of being a student athlete are the haters,” Taplin said. “They don’t believe you can do it until you become Student Althete of the Month.”

Orlando Watkins, couch of the basketball’s Varsity, admires Taplin’s consistent energy brought into the basketball games and how he’s always in the gym working hard to be better. He compares Taplin as a young Russel Westbook.

“I’ve known Dominique ever since I was six and I knew he had it in him that he would be Student Athlete of the Month,” said Trevawn Taylor, senior. “He always does his work in study hall. He’s the first one in the gym at our 6:30am workouts and the last one to leave.”

Taplin has been playing basketball for years, his passion to play shines throughout the games. As a senior, Taplin is continuing to work hard to get into a good college. He has already have various colleges seeking him.

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