2009-2010 News — 04 May 2010

Dave Douglas

The VAAMP students pleased the O-High student body by showing off their talents at the showcase the morning of March 25 inside the school theater. The event gives  VAAMP students who have completed the writing portion of their senior project a chance to perform their gift in front of the student body.

“I actually liked it. At first I was just going to get out of class, but I realized it was more entertaining that I would have guessed it to be,” said senior student Dylon Mafi. “Sometimes I spazzed out and missed a lot of what was going on, but I liked the music that was playing. It was very soothing.”

VAAMP stands for the Visual Arts Academy program. These students turn in their senior project earlier than the non VAAMP students. Those students choose to write about their specific talent. Instead of just showing a visual art piece they showed it in a performance such as rap, dance, singing, poetry, or sewing. This showcase was their time to shine; the spotlight was theirs.

“OMG, I felt good about the whole thing,” said senior Chimmy Powers. “My favorite part of the showcase was when my beautiful queen Mariah was performing. It wasn’t the fact that she can dance good, the music just did something to me, it made me feel all tingly inside, [and] almost made me cry.”

The showcase was a big success.  A lot of the students had positive feedback about the performance. It was very entertaining. The youth crowd was able to connect with those who performed, and was able to have better understand the student performers.

“I really liked it,” said junior student Tasha Kelvin. “If I had to pick my favorite piece, it would have to be Mariah’s. Hers was perfect; it made me want to get up and just praise the Lord!”

After hearing all of the positive feedback from the crowd, I hope the gifted VAAMP students continue to develop their talents in the future.

“See my favorite piece had to be the piece that Chicken (Brittaney Gandy), Spencer Pulu, and Ebony Route did. It had me dancing,” said junior Brandon Mccallum. “I’m glad they had the showcase, it had me almost crying; don’t tell nobody I said that though.”

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