2009-2010 Commentary — 04 May 2010

Nina Zhang

When you enter the doors of Oakland High School and walk into the hallways, you can be sure to see a diverse set of students sporting a variety of attire, from the current spring trend of florals and ruffles to plaid shirts and statement-making shoes.

Oakland High School has prided itself for promoting freedom of expression in their students, but is letting them have too much free reign? Are they likely to abuse their power? Apparently so.

With warm weather and record temperatures approaching, you can expect to see students shedding off layers of clothing and opting for shorts and T-shirts, much to the concern of administrators. As a result, the implementation of dress codes seems to be a likelihood.

“Administrators just want to make sure that everybody’s appropriately dressed, so that learning can go on,” said James Wallace, counselor. “That’s the gist of it, but from year to year, the dress code enforcement seems to change, even the definition of what’s appropriate or what’s not appropriate.”

Already, students are forming their own opinions about dress codes, some feeling strongly against it, while others support these regulations.

Some students feel that having dress codes limits their freedom of expression.

“I don’t think we should have dress codes because if they’re really concerned about what we wear, they should make us wear uniforms,” said Tracy Luc, junior. “Also, if they send us home for wearing shorts, it causes the school to lose money because of lack of attendance.”

However, others feel that having a set of standards to abide by ensures a healthier and even a more sanitary environment.

“Sometimes people don’t want to see too much skin, especially armpit hair,” says Kevin Phung, senior. “Like no one wants to see your armpit hair [while you’re] walking around in the hallways, bruh.”

Regardless, it is safe to say that the days of wearing short shorts and plunging V-necks are long gone and you can expect to see administrators scolding you for your choice of revealing garments. So tank tops and little denim skirts? Nope. Say bye bye to them because they sure as heck aren’t going to come back!

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