2009-2010 News — 04 May 2010

Susanna Zhang

Oakland High School has started to lock the smelly and unsanitary bathrooms during class time and after school. The restrooms are not being cleaned during this time; the administration says that it locks the restrooms to prevent students from missing important class time.

Many students do not like the fact that they may not use the bathroom during emergencies like  unexpected illnesses.

“ I think it’s very annoying because if the downstairs bathroom is locked, then I would go to the other bathrooms without knowing all of them were locked,” said senior Fion Tso.

Many students have to take a longer time to find bathroom, thus cutting their time in class.

The lockage do not only affect students during school hours school athletes are complaining about after-school access.

“When its after school and they close the bathrooms, it’s kind of impossible for sport players to use it if it’s closed,” said badminton member Tammy Truong.

The administrators are strict upon these rules this school year. The bathrooms are locked at all times except at lunch time. “The bathrooms are locked because of safety reasons and trying to maintain the bathroom’s conditions” said Mr. Wallace. “Previous years, bathrooms were vandalized, flooded, and destroyed”.

“The majority of the time, they are smelly, look dirty, and most things do not work,” said senior Judy Wu, citing such problems as broken doors and sinks and empty soap and paper dispensers. “Things get clogged and do get cleaned, but it just gets messy (again) the next day”.

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