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Miles Gordon

Barney’s Gourmet Burger at 4162 Piedmont Ave. is famous for their exceptional burgers and one of a kind curly fries. I have been to many Barney’s locations, and this is my particular favorite one because of the great service that comes with it.

When you arrive, it takes less than 10 minutes to get seated and be on your way to ordering.

The menu offers an assortment of foods from their delicious and juicy Blackened Chicken to a tenderly made Turkey Sandwich.

Barney’s also specialize in their curly fries. They hand cut the fries, season and batter them in their special spices, and finally cook them to perfection so they are not too soft, but not too crispy.

Most of the burgers at Barney’s are priced around $8-13 and the curly fries can vary from $3-6 depending on what size you order.

Another thing that you will like about Barney’s is the location, as it is beautifully placed on the lovely street of Piedmont Ave. There is easy parking on Piedmont and a lot of places to walk to and view after you finish your  meal.

Also on Piedmont Ave., Dave’s Burgers is a local, independent business that is owned by no other than Dave himself.

Dave’s specializes in burgers; their patties are handmade and seasoned to produce that homemade taste while you eat it.

The other factor that contributes to that home cooking feeling is the fact the kitchen is right in front of you. But what Dave’s is not known for, but is one of their best meals, are their chicken wings.

Their chicken is hand-battered and deep-fried with the special seasoning so it has that little kick. The chicken is priced around $7 and the burgers are priced around $7 too.

This is a local spot that has served the Oakland community for years.

You can go there anytime of the day, and if you happen to catch Dave while he is closing, he more than likely will let you in and make you what you want.

So if you plan on going to Dave’s anytime soon, you had better come on an empty stomach and ready to get some good homemade cooking.

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