2009-2010 News — 05 May 2010

Joanne Lee-Yuen

Oakland High JROTC students pose at the Military Ball. Photo by Eric Luong

On March 19, Oakland High, Skyline, Fremont, and Castlemont’s ROTC students had their annual military ball at Elks Lodge in Alameda from 7 pm to 11 pm. It was a Masquerade ball featuring a “Midnight Masquerade” theme. Everyone wore masks, danced, ate and had a fantastic evening.

Along with many of the ROTC cadets and guests, many alumni, administrators and parents also attended. There were approximately 200 attendees that night.

Everyone who attended the ball had to dress in formal clothing. JROTC male students had to wear their JROTC uniform with white dress shirt and neck tie while female students got to wear their most elegant dresses.

The military ball was different and improved from the previous years. “The other years, we had simple color themes and some normal organization,” said Kevin Quach, junior. “This year, we decided to make it a midnight masquerade to make it more fun. We also used glow stick wrist bands so that the dance would be more fun and bright.”

Not only did it improve but it had mouth-watering food served in a buffet style, including scrumptious desserts for everyone to eat. “They had lots of punch and mousse cake for dessert,” said Deja Robinson, freshmen. “Everything tasted delicious!”

As for the music, the DJ tried her best to play songs everyone would enjoy. “We forgot to send a list of songs for the DJ in advance so it was hard for the DJ to organize all the music on that day,” said Danh Huynh, senior. “Luckily, the DJ had most of the songs we requested so we still had a good time.”

With all the food, music and dance, everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves.

“The best part of the night was when the dance started,” said Symone Johnson, freshmen. “It was awesome!”

This event was made possible thanks to the Oakland Unified Brigade of JROTC. From Oakland High, the brigade commander is Marina Ham, brigade executive is Danh Huynh, S1: Cindy Lew and S3: Taylor Owens.

“I want to thank everyone who attended and those who helped make it happen. The night was a complete success and I had lots of fun!” said Danh Huynh. “I would love to see more Oakland High students next year so that you all can join us on this fun and memorable event.”

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