2009-2010 Student Life — 16 March 2010

Cierra Frazier

Oakland High School Assistant Principals Anisa Rasheed (L) and Shoshanna Towers-Cabrera (R) pose with Principal Alicia Romero in early March. Photo by Joanne Lee-Yuen.

There have been a lot of women in our history who have made a difference but get little recognition for it. March is the month for women’s history and this is the month when all the women idols should get recognized!

However we should not just honor women from the past that made a difference, women who are also making a difference today. There are a lot of women who are making history right now.

For example Michelle Obama, the first African American first lady. In addition to being a wife and mother, she was a successful lawyer and an associate dean at the University of Chicago before becoming First Lady.

Senior Christina Rockefeller said, “Michelle Obama gives me inspiration.”

Senior Monae Dawson says she looks up to the singer Erykah Badu. “She is a beautiful song writer and poet,” said Dawson.

Yes, there are a lot of women idols we look up to today but we still can’t forget the women of our past. They are the ones who made it possible for all the opportunities we have today.

Jeanette Tran, senior, said, “History-wise, I would say Harriet Tubman is a woman idol because she helped free a lot of slaves.”

According to some female classmates, women are the rock for this country; they keep things in order when men fail to. They have a different perception on the world that men sometimes don’t have which includes love, compassion, and patience.

That’s why women in America need to be recognized more: for all the things they don’t have to do, but find it in the kindness of their hearts to do anyway, and that’s why girls rule!

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