News — 16 March 2010

Dave Douglas

The Junior Varsity boys’ basketball season is now over, and traditionally most of the talented players have moved or will soon move up to play varsity. This is a huge step for these young guys, and a big deal because of the success that this year’s team is having.

This year seemed to be an overall success for the junior varsity team led by captain Sean Tran. Their record was a little below .500, but they had opportunities to win every game. This team had to deal with a lot of adversity; they had to cope with some injuries and, most important, key players being ineligible.

Man, this year was fun for me,” said Sean Tran, sophomore guard.I’m kind of nervous to move up to varsity, to be honest. It all happened so fast. I took it upon myself to get my team through the tough games. I know I’m young but I try to take the pressure off of others and put it on me because I know I can deal with it.”

After this year is over, the chemistry of the Varsity team will change as new players move in. The varsity team also dealt with the same problems as the J.V., but their maturity has gotten them over the hump in tough games.

“I think that adding the J.V. kids would do us good in the long run, because its always good to have extra firepower coming off the bench,” said sophomore guard Jamil Brown. “Also the more people playing make practice funner.”

J.V. players must prepare themselves for the added challenges of Varsity play.

“After thinking about it, I was kind of scared because varsity players are much bigger and faster,” said Tran. “I know I have to work harder to compete. [But] like they say, it’s not about the dog fight, it’s about the fight in the dog.”

The future is bright for the Oakland Wildcat basketball team for years to come. Even though the Junior Varsity kids are young, they now have experience, so it is going to be very interesting to see what these kids can do next year.

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