2009-2010 Commentary — 22 January 2010

Aegis Staff

The issue: Closed campus leaves students in the cold
Our recommendation: Increased security and an open school

A school is clearly supposed to be a place where students can get extra help, work together with fellow classmates, and stay off the streets, so how can a school call itself an educational institution while closing its doors at 3:30 p.m.?
In response to inappropriate student behavior, the Oakland High School administration has done just that. At 3:30 each afternoon, an administrator’s voice comes on the loudspeaker to instruct all students to leave the building immediately.
Even though some students are behaving in an immature fashion, the administration must not blame the whole student body for the decisions some students choose to make.
Keeping the campus open longer will allow students a safe place to meet with friends and talk about class work.
Allowing students access to learning facilities will allow them to excel and do better on their schoolwork.
Keeping students off the unpredictable streets and inside a learning environment can encourage the students to put more effort into their education rather than drugs and violence.
Having students work together to get their assignments completed encourages them to help each other and possibly get a better grasp on the concept.
Teachers play a key role in students’ educations. We must allow students extra time to  meet with their teachers in order to better understand a certain subject and to be able to teach their peers about that subject.
During hard times, students can seek comfort in the school environment from their friends and classmates.
Even parent-teacher conferences can’t happen due to the campus closure.
Having a campus opened longer can not only benefit the students but also teachers, since it gives them a chance to connect with their students individually outside of course work.
Instead of closing the school to students after classes end, the administration should ensure that campus is a safe place to hang out again. By hiring additional security and making sure that off-limits areas are locked, they can make O-High the home away from home that its students deserve.

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