2009-2010 News — 22 January 2010

By:Ellen Poon

OHS students frequently cut class because they don’t want to come to class; they leave the school campus and will go anywhere but school.
Some students say they cut because their class is boring. Some say all they do in their class is get lectured by their teacher and take notes. Some students are just given worksheets to do.
“I think students cut class because they think the class is boring or the teacher is not there,” said Shirley Chu, senior. “They go to other teachers’ classrooms or go outside of school.”
Also, students cut class because they don’t want to do work. It is possible that the assignments are complicated or they involve a lot of work like reading, writing, or research.
“Students cut class because sometimes teachers give out too much work to do,” said Jennifer Lee-Yuen, freshman. “I think students go home, go hang out with their friends, or go get food when they cut school.”
Some students think that there is no point in going to class. Some think that they will get to turn in a project later if they don’t show up to class.
“Students cut class because they believe there’s no incentive to be there,” said Vanessa Elias, senior. “For example, students don’t come to class if a teacher isn’t there or if they just don’t want to do any work. Sometimes, students cut because they don’t feel like taking a test or they didn’t complete a project.”
When students cut, they go to stores, friends’ houses, other students’ classes, or anywhere other than school.
“Students cut class, I think, because they want to hang out with their friends without being so confined,” said Jenny Cao, senior. “Plus most of the time, the class doesn’t interest them and their best friends ain’t in the class so they don’t wanna be there.”
Many students would rather stay at home than come to school.
“Students cut because they are burnt out and they do not want to be in school,” said senior Ashlie Johnson, “Also because some are just lazy.”

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